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Edition Kunzelmann (CH)

Website: http://www.kunzelmann.ch Publisher for the following Symphony Orchestra Works: – CONVERSATIONS (2011) – MOODS (2013)… View Detail

Bronsheim Music, (NL)

Bronsheim Music, (NL) Email to: music@bronsheim.nl Web:http://www.bronsheim.nl

De Haske publications BV

De Haske publications bv Web: http://www.dehaske.com Businesspark Friesland-West, 15 8440 AS Heerenveen, Postbus 744 (NL)

Hal Leonard, publisher (USA)

Hal Leonard, publisher (USA) Web: http://www.halleonard.com

Editions H. Lemoine (Combre), Paris

Email to: info@editions-combre.com Web: http://www.henry-lemoine.com Web: www.editions-combre.com

Sempre Piu Editions, Paris

http://www.semprepiu-editions.com Résidence Rey 87 Avenue Secrétan F 75019 PARIS (Madame Estelle Corblin)  

Edition Tonger, Karlsruhe(DE)

Edition Tonger (D) Email to: musikverlag@tonger.de Web:  www.tonger.de

CD Labels

GIA Publications, INC. (USA)

GIA Publications, INC. (USA) Contact: http://www.giamusic.com/search_details.cfm?title_id=11278

Bronsheim Music (NL)

Bronsheim Music (NL) Email to: music@bronsheim.nl Web: www.bronsheim.nl

De Haske Publications BV

De Haske, publications bv Web: www.dehaske.com

Doyen Records (World of Brass)

Doyen Records (World of Brass) Contact: www.worldofbrass.com

Albany Records (USA)

Albany Records (USA) Contact: www.albanyrecords.com/

Antes / Bella-Musica

Antes/Bella-Musica Contact: www.bella-musica.de

Mark Records USA

Mark Records (USA) Contact: www.markcustom.com


Harmonie St. Michael Thorn (NL)


Tim Kleren, composer

Tim Kleren, composer http://www.timkleren.com

Georges Sadeler, composer

Georges Sadeler, composer

My playlist on youtube

Follow me on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeQaDA7UmlbYYHGOF_JwZA4AID_4Uw7ER

Ivan Boumans, composer

Ivan Boumans, composer www.ivanboumans.com

Toni Scholl, Dirigent

Toni Scholl, Dirigent Contact: www.ToniScholl.de

Notendatenbank (CH)

Notendatenbank (CH) Contact: www.notendatenbank.ch

About Marco

Since 1987 he has composed more than 70 works, primarily for wind instruments and for Symphonic Wind Band, but also one musical for children, a string quartet, several compositions for chamber/symphonic orchestra and a number of educational pieces.

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