2017 BUMA INTERNATIONAL BRASS AWARD, Concerthall Musis, Arnhem (NL)


2017 BUMA Brass Awards Ceremony

I will receive the prestigious 2017 BUMA INTERNATIONAL BRASS AWARD, as an acknowledgment for my compositions, especially for wind/fanfare band.

The 2017 BUMA NATIONAL AWARD goes to my colleague Ed de Boer (alias: Alexander Comitas).

Orchestras: National Youth Wind Orchestra, Philips Symphonic Wind Band

Conductors: Jos Schroevers, Matty Cilissen

Program including my composition FESTIVE FANFARE (Philips Symphonic Wind Band)

Venue : Musis Concerthall, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Time : 3:30 PM

Date : 29-10-2017